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Peachtree Borers

Adult peachtree borers were detected in middle Georgia the first week of July. They should be active in Tennessee peach orchards at this time, also. Peach trees are vulnerabble to borer damage throughout their lives. Young trees, however, tend to be themost susceptible since they have a smaller diameter trunk than older trees so a given number of borers will dodamage to a larter percentage of the trunk.

Borer sprays should be applied after harves, but not before the first of August in Tennessee. Lorsban is the material of choice. Use 3 pints of Lorsban 4E per 100 gallons of water Apply one pint of this solution per tree on young, non-bearing trees andone quart of solution per tree on mature, bearing trees. Applications should be made iwth a handgun. Thorough coverage of the turnk and base of scaffold limbs is necessar for control. Applying enough eolution to get puddling at the base of the trunk will control borers that attack at or just below the soil line.

(July 2002)

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